Tuition Two Year Part Time

  • The Secondary SCITT Tuition secondary programme offers a part time training route for a range of subjects. This route is directed particularly at career changers and will offer the opportunity to phase in your training
  • We started the part time programme three years ago as we felt there was a need to support potential high quality trainees into teaching while they continued with their work and family commitments.
  • We want to encourage as many people into training as a teacher as possible, and did not want only offering a full time course to be a barrier to potential applicants who had the aspiration to become a teacher but did not want to commit to the intensity of a full time ten month training programme.
  • The recruitment process onto the part time programme is the same as the full time trainees and if you are successful through the recruitment process then you will also be interviewed by a placement school who will be happy to support the training of part time trainees in their school.
  • The days of the week which you spend in school during your training year can be arranged between you and your placement school and as a SCITT provider, we ask that you attend all of the Core Training and Subject Knowledge days in Year 1 along with the full time trainees. Therefore, there will be some weeks during the first training year when your commitment to the programme will be more than the two days a week in school.
  • In Year 2, you will be in school three days a week (agreed with your placement school) and that will be your main commitment to the programme apart from a few days spread throughout the training year when you will attend some personalized training days.
  • Deadlines for assignments and assessment points will be spread across the two years so you will not have the same deadlines as the full-time trainees which will help to make the training more manageable for you.

How does it work?

  • On this route, you will be in school two days a week in Year 1 in your main placement school during term time. You will start Year 2 in your second placement school on three days a week and then return in January of Year 2 to your main placement school for three days a week. You will receive the same amount of SCITT Tutor visits as the full-time trainees as they will be spread across the two years. At the end of the two years of training you will gain QTS, PGCE and 60 Master's credits.
  • If you decide to train in a high priority or priority subject, then you will receive a bursary from the government paid to you across 20 months rather than the full time equivalent of 10 months. See more details of bursaries on our Finance page. The tuition fees for the programme are spread across two years and details of each year’s tuition fee can be found on our Finance page .

Why choose the Secondary SCITT Tuition Two Year programme?

  • A well supported and personalised programme into teaching in the classroom. The Secondary SCITT Tuition programme allows you to gain gradually the skills needed to have confidence in front of students and become a high quality early career teacher by the end of the training year
  • A Postgraduate Certificate in Education (the same qualification that university-based providers award)
  • 60 Master’s level Credits – which help you on the path to gaining a Master’s qualification in your first five years of teaching
  • Six day induction period- two days in June/July and a four day induction programme at the end of August where you will be introduced to your Personal Tutors who will work closely with you during your training year; receive your laptop which will be loaned to you for the two years and also the induction days will provide you with the opportunities to start to build your important support network with other trainees
  • Full participation in your placement school environment from the start of term in September. You are in school from the first day of term
  • The benefit of experienced mentors and support staff in your placement school from the outset in September. You will be interviewed by your placement school as part of the recruitment process so your placement school will be expecting you on the first day of September. Visiting your placement school before the start of September helps to alleviate some of your anxieties as you know some information about the school and have had the opportunity to meet key staff at your placement school and have been reassured that they will offer you a high quality placement
  • Regular communication from a network of SCITT Tutors who are external to your placement school. SCITT Tutors will visit you at least eight times across the two years
  • Layers of support within school but also from the programme’s Personal Tutors and Subject Tutor, known as SCITT Tutors
  • Specialised subject knowledge training delivered by experts for at least six days a year. *DT, PE and Science have additional days to cover the range of disciplines
  • Extremely good employment prospects – many of our trainees are employed in local schools as there are many part time job opportunities available in schools
  • High quality subject and core training delivered by practicing teachers and experts
  • Core Training which is structured into six weekly blocks throughout the academic year, giving you the opportunity to reflect and discuss with other trainees about the application of the training into your teaching
  • Experience of teaching in two schools – Year 1 in one school and start Year 2 in another school and then return to your Year 1 school in January of your second year. This contrasting placement is essential to ensure that you are ready to take on the challenges of starting a new school for your Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year.
  • We are happy to offer the part time programme in any subject that we currently offer
  • In order to achieve Qualified Teacher Status, you will be assessed against parts one and two of the Teachers’ Standards
  • All Secondary SCITT Tuition trainees are assessed across two consecutive key stages and secondary trainees are assessed in one main subject area
    Your School Mentor and SCITT Tutors will use their lesson observations of your teaching and their meetings with you to track your progress against the Teachers’ Standards. In addition to your teaching you will be supported in compiling a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you have met the requirements of the Teachers’ Standards in full
  • Your Subject Tutor will work with your School Mentor to conduct formal assessments of your teaching and portfolio at the various assessment points across the two years
  • You will be required to submit three written assignments over the two years. All three assignments will be assessed at M Level. You will also be asked to submit a pre-course assignment which you can complete over the summer break before you start the course at the end of August