Salaried PGCE

  • Our programme is a school centred teacher training course which awards successful trainees with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with 60 Masters credits (there will be an additional cost)
  • We have been training teachers across Suffolk and Norfolk for over twenty years. This experience ensures our training fully prepares each trainee to enter the teaching profession.
  • This is an employment based route so you are employed by a school. You earn a salary (approximately £13,000) as you train to teach. There are no tuition fees. We strongly advise applicants to have a school in place that can support you before you apply for this route as the school pays your salary. We strongly recommend that you put this information about your supporting school in your personal statement on your application form.
  • As a Primary SCITT Salaried trainee you will become part of a team of experienced professionals in
    a school from the start of the academic year and will, therefore, benefit from opportunities to
    work and learn alongside experienced teachers. Your main placement will be in your employing
    school and you will be released by your employing school for six weeks in the first half of the
    spring term to have a placement in a contrasting school to ensure a range and depth of
    experience. You can specialise in Early Years, Primary or SEND. As an Early Years trainee, you
    undertake placements in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. In Primary your
    placements are in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. With the SEND specialism you complete a
    placement in a mainstream setting in the autumn term and in the spring and summer terms your
    placement would be in your employing special setting.
  • Whilst you are on placement you are supported by a SCITT Tutor and a mentor who is usually the
    class teacher. They will help you become highly reflective and analytical of your own practice.
    Tutors are in regular contact and are your advocate throughout a challenging year, helping you
    develop resilience and self-awareness. All mentors receive training in how to be highly supportive,
    whilst also challenging you to become the best possible teacher you can be.
  • Your central training is provided by trainers who are experts in their field, many of whom are
    practising teachers. You will have around 45 days of training and strong links are made between
    the sessions and your time in school. We use a range of training centres for Professional Studies
    and Subject Knowledge training. Currently, these training centres are at: Bawburgh Primary
    School, Norwich, University of Suffolk, Ipswich, Thorpe High School, Norwich and Bungay Primary
    School. You will have sessions focused on lesson planning, assessment, behaviour management
    and SEND along with all the National Curriculum subjects and more layered throughout the
    training year.
  • We are in partnership with the University of Suffolk and the university validates and monitors our
    PGCE programme and has done so for over six years. The PGCE elements of the programme are
    integral to the existing Core Training sessions (there is an additional administration cost). You will be

    expected to complete two assignments and a presentation to gain your PGCE and 60 Master credits
    during your training year. We will fully support you in writing your Masters’ levels assignments. The
    assignments take a practitioner approach towards your learning at Masters’ level. You will be asked
    to write assignments which are based on your classroom practice and encourage you to engage with
    small scale practitioner research. You will be enrolled as a student with the University of Suffolk so
    will have access to their full range of library resources and other student support services.

  • The University of Suffolk has created a Masters course in Education Studies which you can complete
    at a later stage in your teaching career as the 60 Masters’ credits you gain on our programme count
    towards the 180 credits which are needed for a full Masters’ degree.

  • More details about the University of Suffolk Masters’ in Education Studies can be found here

  • We also encourage all of our trainees to become members of the Chartered College of Teaching which is the professional body for teachers. Membership to the Chartered College of Teaching is free for trainee teachers and we will introduce you to how to become a member
  • All of our training is aimed at ensuring that you have the skills and knowledge to start in your teaching career in any future school of your choice
  • Our aim is for you to become a member of the teaching profession, not a teacher in one school.