Pre-Assessment Only Programme

  • We are also offering a pre-Assessment Only programme for those candidates who would like to undertake the Assessment Only programme but the candidate or their employing school do not feel they are quite ready at this stage for various reasons.
  • It may be that the candidate has not quite completed the two year requirement or the period of time for working in a second school etc.
  • Therefore, we are offering the pre-AO programme to those schools and candidates who might wish for some more guidance and support to become ready for the AO programme into the future as we can offer online training and access to resources and lesson observations by our SCITT assessors as part of the pre-AO programme.
  • There is no time restriction between engagement with the pre-AO programme and enrolment onto the full AO programme.
  • If you would like more information about the pre-AO programme then please contact Colin Turner on as the Assessment Only Course Leader.