Teaching is the most important of all professions

According to Sir Ridley Scott, 'teaching is the most important of all professions.' In his Fellowship acceptance speech in February at the BAFTAs, Sir Ridley Scott described some of his experiences in education and told everyone that 'It is extraordinary what an enthusiastic teacher can do. Drawing the student out, igniting independence and encouraging them to design their own future rather than waiting for something to happen. Teachjng is the most important of all professions. Sort that out and social problems will be sorted out.'  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMkeg2D5Njc    

We obviously agree with Sir Ridley Scott so if you wish to make an application to one of our teacher training programmes then please don't hesitate. Do note that there have been some changes in line with the Department of Education's recent recommendations:

  • You can have unlimited attempts at taking your Professional Skills tests although you do need to pass them before September 2018.
  • You can book up to three Professional Skills tests per subject for free. A charge will be applied to the fourth test.
  • The 2 year lockout period has been removed; candidates previously locked out will be able to book tests for both subjects.
  • You don't need to have been observing or working in schools for at least five to ten days before making an application. Please make an application if you feel that you have the characteristics to become a successful teacher and also you wish to work with children and/or young people. 
  • The cost of making an application to teacher training is now only £1 on UCAS - reduced down from £24 

If you wish to make an application then find out more on our Apply pages. http://www.suffolkandnorfolkscitt.co.uk/apply 

We look forward to receving your application in the near future! 




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