New Year Resolution to become a teacher in 2018?

If your New Year resolution is to become a teacher in 2018 and you are deciding which provider to train with, we thought we would share with you some of the comments that our current cohort of trainees have written at the end of their first term of training with our SCITT courses.

  • Trainee 1 - 'It is the continal and extensive support that each individual is given. There is not just one safety net but a selection of them so never at any time, no matter how difficult I found any particular week, did I ever feel that I could not do it or make it.'
  • Trainee 2 - 'I have found the support network amazing. I know that if I ever I need a question answered, there is always someone to contact. This I feel is in contrast to the three years of my degree.' 
  • Trainee 3 - 'Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT have very good relationships with many schools in the region which allows them to place trainees in supportive schools. The training programme is well structured with the teaching hours increased at a good pace.'
  • Trainee 4- 'Tremendous support, never felt so supported before and it has really made the start of my ITT year as simple as it can be. Being school centred means that you spend more time actually in the school experiencing what is like to be in a teacher.' 
  • Trainee 5 - 'I was drawn by the opportunity to spend as long as possible in a school, rather than in a lecture hall. The set-up of the course allows you to be busy and productive all the time. In addition to this, there was a clear emphasis on the support network provided by Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT. This has turned out to be exactly the case and is invaluable.' 

Reviews are important so we thought we should share just a selection of the many comments we have received from our trainees' about their experiences this term so you can see that Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT's claims that we are deliver school based and highly supportive training programmes are true! 

If you do wish to make an application in the New Year to one of our teacher training programmes then read about our different courses on the website and then make your application via this page If you have any questions about the Salaried programme then email or Tuition programmes then email  Our Recruitment Event pages list where you can meet us and find out more are also on the page

We look forward to working with you in 2018!



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