Applications on UCAS open on Tuesday 13th October 2020


Preparing for your application:

To help you prepare your application you may want to undertake the following activities:


  • Go to the Department for Education website 
  • You will find more information about how to apply and what phase you may wish to apply to e.g. Secondary or Primary.
  • Read current educational materials, e.g. Times Educational Supplement or follow educationalists on Twitter.
  • Attend one of the Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT Roadshows (see events page).


How to apply:

If, after reading and considering the information about the Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT programmes you wish to apply, click here.

This will take you through to the UCAS website – the online application system for UK teacher training courses.

The list below explains the various ways of finding the Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT training programmes on the "Find" Tool.

You will need to take careful note of the code for the Lead School that is associated with the subject or age phase of the programme (Salaried/Tuition) you wish to train on as this will not be clear in the actual UCAS application form and this can be found by using the new post graduate teacher training service called Find from the Get into Teaching 


Primary SCITT Tuition

There are two ways to apply for Primary SCITT Tuition PGCE.

Either directly to "Suffolk & Norfolk Primary SCITT" or via one of our Lead Schools.

Please look for courses accredited by "Suffolk & Norfolk Primary SCITT (S13)". 

Primary SCITT Salaried

You can only apply for Primary SCITT Salaried PGCE through one of our Lead Schools

You will notice that the courses are accredited by "Suffolk & Norfolk Primary SCITT".

Secondary SCITT Tuition

You can only apply for Secondary SCITT Tuition PGCE through one of our Lead Schools,

Please look for courses accredited by "Suffolk & Norfolk Secondary SCITT". 

Secondary SCITT Salaried 

You can only apply for Secondary SCITT Salaried PGCE through one of our Lead Schools,

Please look for courses accredited by "Suffolk & Norfolk Secondary SCITT". 


What happens next?

Short listing will take place soon after you have applied and if you are successful through this first stage you will be invited for interview at one of our local partnership schools or at one of our offices in Ipswich or Norwich.

The interview school is not necessarily linked to a possible placement school.

If you are successful at interview you will be invited to a further selection event known as Task Day. During this session you will be required to complete a number of diagnostic tests as well as taking part in interactive tasks with other candidates.

The results of these tests will form part of our selection processes and also be used to  inform your pre-course preparation activities should you be offered a place.

You must bring your original degree and GCSE certificates to Task Day and those applying to tuition fee based courses will be required to bring identification for a DBS check at this time.

If your qualifications are from overseas, please let us know in advance and we can use NARIC to assess your qualifications.

Final offers will be made within 40 working days of your initial application.

There are a number of induction days across the summer term for successful candidates where preparation for training will begin and pre-course activities set before the courses start in late August/early September.