Primary SCITT Tuition 

Course Fees

The Tuition fee for 2018-2019 is £9,000

You will find more information about how to pay for the Tuition Fees at

How do you pay for the Tuition Fees?

You will gain the qualification of the Post Graduate Certificate in Education with 60 Masters Credits within those tuition fees.

What do your tuition fees pay for?

  • training costs – core training and subject knowledge training delivered by range of experts.
  • placement costs – payments are paid to the school for having you.
  • assessment costs – assessment visits and assignments.
  • tutor support and visits – your PGCE is gained from University of Suffolk.

How do you repay the loan of the tuition fees?

The repayment for your Student Loan from the SLC for 2017-2018 will be approximately as follows:

Your income per year Monthly repayments
£25,000 and under   £0
£25,000 £30
£30,000  £67
£50,000  £217

More information:

What are the benefits of paying the tuition fees?

  • You are not employed by your placement school so you have a different role in the school. You are not responsible for the progress and the attainment of classes from the start of the course.
  • You will always have an experienced teaching professional in the class with you providing you with formal and informal feedback about your progress. Your teaching timetable is gradually increased and personalised at a pace which is appropriate for you. 
  • You will be registered as a student at University of Suffolk and that will provide with you all the benefits of being a student- reduced travel costs and council tax; discounts in retail stores etc. More details about benefits of being enrolled as a student at University of Suffolk can be found here

Will I receive any travel expenses?

Unfortunately, you will need to pay for you own travel expenses. However, we do try to place you at a placement school within 40 minutes drive or equivalent on public transport. We also encourage lift-sharing within our community of students for travelling to and from Core Training.