Guidance on writing a successful application for a teacher training

Some advice on making a successful application:

  • Your completed application form from UCAS won’t be sent to us until your two referees have completed their references. Make sure that you have informed your referees to expect a request from a reference from UCAS. Guidance can be found on UCAS here.
  • Make sure that spelling and grammar are correct. It might be easier to write your Personal Statement in an application out of the UCAS form – spellcheck it and then copy and paste it into the UCAS form. Remember that you are only allowed 4000 characters or 47 lines for the Personal Statement.
  •  In your Personal Statement, make sure you refer to any school experience that you have gained prior to your application or have planned into the future. Write about what the experience has shown you about teaching and why it is the right career for you. Don’t give us a recount of your time at school but focus on the learning for you from the experience.
  • Make sure that your Personal Statement gives a sense of your enthusiasm and drive to becoming a teacher and how you have the resilience to be successful.
  •  Within 40 working days of receiving your application, you will be informed of the outcome any application made to the SCITT programmes. If your application is successful through our shortlisting then you will be offered an interview and/or an invitation to attend one of our half day Task Days. If you have been through all of that process then within 40 working days, we will let you know if you will be made an offer or not, to start in September 2018.

Please note that you can wait until you receive all your decisions from your three pchoices before making your final decision.  You have up to 10 working days to make a final decision once you have received all your offers. You do not to have to accept an offer of a ‘first come first served’ basis

More information can be found on our ‘How To Apply’ page and good luck with your application.

If you have any further questions then don't hesitate to email one of our Team and details are on the  Contact Us page. 

We look forward to reading your applications in 2018!




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